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Hey hey my names Billy
I've been creating content on YouTube for 4+ years
My channel was called Yorkie until I changed it to Billiorki

I've been a gamer and a simmer since I was a kid I mainly play games that let me build homes and worlds. Sims 5 I'm waiting patiently O.o

L.G.B.T.Q+ friendly channel welcome to all


Do you upload often and do you have a schedule?
YouTube isn't my job anymore I just treat this as a hobby so I can still share my stuff without trying to keep up with the algorithm. I have no schedule, videos will be out whenever I feel like uploading something
How do I download your builds?
My EA Gallery ID is: Billiorki
This is the only place to find my builds
I also share builds that you won't see on my YouTube channel :)

Why did you change your channel name?
I grew out of Yorkie it always gets confused for the dog breed or the chocolate bar but it was just short for being a Yorkshire lad haha
I wanted something unique so I came up with Billiorki (pronounced Billy-yorkie)
Now when people search my name I should come up straight away

Thank you so much for all of your support ♥