I'm working on Episode 7

I'm mentioning this here because people keep asking where the next episode is.

I'm sorry these episodes take so long, like I've mentioned in my videos each episode burns me out and if I didn't take these breaks the rest of the series would be rushed, bad quality and not fun to watch which is not what I want to put out into the world.

I'm only making 2 more episodes after 7 to wrap it up.

It's been going on for months now and I should have pre-recorded them from the beginning instead of uploading them straight away but lesson learned 😂


When this series ends and I'm ready to start series 2 I will make sure I pre-record most of the episodes before uploading them, just so you aren't waiting too long for the next one.

I'm going to be making a Big Brother series next so keep a look out on my site for Voice Acting auditions later this year


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